Altar of the Iron Worm

Altar of the Iron Worm

A classic table top adventure.

Seventeen generations have passed since the worshipers of the Iron Worm were locked away in their shrine on Mount Fér. For seventeen generations, the people of Oré could rest easy that the sacrifices would cease. However, in recent months, strange rumblings have come from the mountain, and a creeping bramble has begun to strangle the countryside. Telltale signs that the worm stirs. The altar awaits. 


Mount Fér: The largest mountain in the region, home to the Iron Worms – and a prison to their worshipers. Its sheer slopes and crags are covered with coniferous trees, low lying shrubbery, and a type of black, crawling bramble that dominates the highest peaks.

Mouth of the Shrine: The Worshipers of the Iron Worm have constructed their shrine within the mountain, taking refuge in the alcoves and cavities bored over centuries by the Iron Worms.

Game Design & Art: Steven Harder
Status: Only working on this when it snows.