About Heists

About Heists

I’ve always loved a good heist. Heist stories, heist movies, heists in games. There’s an exquisite tension when contrasting best laid plans with unexpected events.

Gamewise, a heist also has a lot of potential to create a set of satisfying encounters that don’t promote violence as a solution. Often the idea is that you make your way around undetected. For the thieves, the objective is not to get into a fight, it’s to obtain an important item. If a combat encounter ensues, it’s often because something in the plan has failed.

An office layout, showing two floors and multiple rooms.

So lately I’ve been messing around with an 80’s themed heist scenario with elements of weird-crime-drama. I don’t know what that means… yet. But what I do know is that the players are a group of amateur thieves with a few quirks to make them interesting. They get mixed up with a enigmatic employer who administers a series of increasingly bizarre heists. Get in, get out, don’t get caught is the general maxim.

Looking to keep the focus on problem solving that doesn’t incentivize maiming your way through each encounter, very few of the character types are suited for hostility. Also a setting that contrasts mundane backdrops with increasingly weird and unnatural happenings. A gradual shift from boilerplate crime to an otherworldly mystery.

That’s the pitch?

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