Zine Quest 2, Too

Zine Quest 2, Too

And we’re back. Another handful of my favorite 2020 Zine Quest games, these all went live on Kickstarter during the last half of February. As of this writing there’s maybe one left that has yet to finish its campaign? But all have funded! This’ll be a much shorter list of gems compared to my last post, but gems nonetheless.

Zine Quest 2

Kozmik Objects & Entities

Immediately after finishing my last Zine Quest post, Kozmik Objects & Entities pops up from Highland Paranormal Society. Tunnel Goons was one of the first indie RPGs I found and enjoyed on itch.io, so I figured another entry from HPS was a sure bet.

Featuring what looks to be a collection of outer space locations and encounters, the aesthetic in Kozmic Objects & Entities is way out there with colorfully delicious illustrations of planetoids and space whales. If you’re looking for a bizarre twist in your sci-fi games, this will probably plug in nicely. Oh, and a stretch goal has given us paper minis! Stoked to have a bunch of minis with this visual style.

The Last Place on Earth

Designed by Eli Seitz, The Last Place on Earth is a successfully funded TTRPG based on Robert F. Scott’s not-so-successful expedition to the antarctic. I’ve always had an interest in this story. It’s not only about survival, but also involves a race with another expedition to reach the South Pole. I’m thinking those two elements will make for a very compelling role playing experience. Really looking forward to seeing how this one plays on the table.

The Black Pyramid

Next up we have more Mothership love. The Black Pyramid, by Josh Dixon, is a standalone sci-fi horror scenario that takes place within a massive pyramid adrift in deep space. Dripping with uncertainty and oppressive dread, this zine really nails the foreboding nature of Mothership.

So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well

I first found out about Troika!, written by Dan Sell, during a game jam that I took part in last year. At the time, I had no idea what Troika! was, but now I’d say it’s another waystone moment in my exploration of indie RPGs. Troika! is, to me, one of the pinnacle TTRPGs of the indie scene.

I keep describing it to friends as fantasy adventure with a psychedelic Willy Wonka vibe? It’s a sphere I want to spend more time in. I’ve been slowly collecting all the setting books released from the Melsonain Art Council, including the recently funded Permian Nations.

Now to dip my toes into a Troika! compatible zine with So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well, by Ember + Ash. I’m a sucker for odd, colourful art styles, and the premise of escaping a deep, dark well makes for a classic RPG romp. This one does it for me.

And done. It’ll be pretty exciting to see all of the physical copies of these zines rolling in over the next few months. Much anticipation!

See you in 2021, Zine Questers.

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