Werewolf in a Taxi

Werewolf in a Taxi
Tonight is the night of a full moon. You and a few strangers decide to share a taxi. A collaborative RPG for 3-5 players.

Altar of the Iron Worm

Altar of the Iron Worm
The Iron Worm stirs, the altar awaits. A classic table top adventure.

Experiments & Jams

Space Potato

CARDASTRA | ANAOMALY 1 | #BusinessCardJam
Most of you are the crew of an alien starship. One of you is the ship’s computer. You have encountered an anomaly. Download on

Cosmic Floss

The second game in the anomaly series. A call for help is received from inside the anomaly. Download on

Intergalactic Pirates

Another anomaly! This adventure introduces Non-Player Character (NPC) reactions and battle mechanics. Download on

Seven Intelligent Cows

Seven Intelligent Cows | #TroikaJam
No one is sure when the first five intelligent cows joined with the other two, but it’s now impossible to separate them. A Troika! Background. Download on